Semantic Web for CEOs

A short overview for CEOs who want to start a semantic web related project can be found at BusinessWeek. This comprehensive tipsheet mentions for example that you shouldn´t forget your employee´s privacy when you start a semweb project: “Just because you can gather and correlate data about employees doesn’t mean you should. Set usage guidelines to safeguard employee privacy.”

This demonstrates one more time that the semantic web is not only about technology…

3 thoughts on “Semantic Web for CEOs

  1. And it’s not difficult to do this by the way. Just give each of your employees a URL such as

    This could also be your employees OpenId btw.
    Then whenever you need to refer to someone in a semantic web document do it like that

    baetle:reported_by .

    Clicking on the person url should return more or less information depending on the requesters access control priviledges.
    So people outside the company may get a name, employees or other trusted parties would get an email address and other info.


  2. Hi Henry,

    can you tell me a bit more how to handle access rights within a foaf-document? It would be great to have an extended version of foaf, where different privacy levels could be expressed …

    – Andreas

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