SEMANTiCS 2014 celebrating its 10th anniversary


SEMANTiCS conference series will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year in September. SEMANTiCS (formerly known as I-Semantics) has had a long tradition in buidling bridges between practitioners and researchers in the areas of semantic web and linked data technologies. Therefore the SEMANTiCS consortium has developed new strucutures to further elaborate on this special character of this event series:

  • Each conference session will combine talks from industry and research – those two interest groups won’t be seperated from each other anymore
  • DBpedia community will be integrated deeply into SEMANTiCS conference: DBpedia has been the most successful activity in this area so far. A lot of industry-related projects has been built around this dataset. Therefore the 2nd meeting of the DBpedia association will be co-located with SEMANTiCS (taking place on September 3rd, also in Leipzig).
  • Transfer-oriented side events and a centrally located market place will offer great opportunities to discuss about state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of Semantic Web standards based software and products.

I am also happy to announce that PoolParty Semantic Suite is one of the Gold sponsors of this event this year. See you in Leipzig!

I-Semantics 2011: Programme of Industry Track

The iPraxis Track of this year’s I-Semantics / I-Know Conference offers a unique forum for enterprise architects, information professionals and all practitioners: A comprehensive overview over real-world applications in the field of semantic technologies will be presented by experienced speakers demonstrating the power of semantic systems!

  • Horst Baumgarten, Roche Diagnostics GmbH (D): A „Super-Glossary“ for Roche
  • Andreas Blumauer, Semantic Web Company (A): Thesaurus based Enterprise Search – Two Show Cases
  • Christian Fillies, SemTalk (D): Linked Data Interface, Semantics and a T-Box Triple Store for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Georg Güntner, Salzburg New Media Lab (A): Linked Media Services: A Linked Data Approach for Enterprise Information Integration
  • Peter Haase, fluid Operations (D): Enterprise Linked Data Applications with the Information Workbench
  • Alexander Oelling, sones (D): Create and Uncover Semantic Relationships
  • Vincenzo Pallotta, InterAnalytics (CH): Interaction Mining: making pragmatic sense of Internet conversations
  • Bernhard Schandl, Gnowsis (A): Refinder: A Semantic Collaborative Productivity Tool
  • Thomas Schandl, Semantic Web Company (A) / Bernhard Schandl, Gnowsis (A) / Stefan Wunder, Neurovation (A): A LASSO for Linked Data – 3 Use Cases to improve personal knowledge management, document management and creativity techniques by leveraging Linked Data

I‐SEMANTICS 2010 Conference Program

This year´s I-Semantics offers a lot of great talks around linked data, semantic search and other hot topics around the big question “how to make the web and applications a little bit smarter once again”. And like every year: It´s the place to go (at least in Central Europe) to meet other people interested and working in the area of the semantic web. Social events at I-Semantics are really cool 🙂

Download Conference Programme

Photo by Leobard

Europe´s Semantic Web Hot Spot in September: I-Semantics 2010

I-Semantics 2010

I-Semantics will take place for the 6th time this year in September and it will be co-located again with I-Know in Graz/Austria. This year´s programme shows that Semantic Web and semantic technologies in general are increasingly relevant for all kind of industries:

  • Biomedicine
  • Public administration & Public transport
  • Information technology
  • Libraries
  • Media & Content Industry
  • E-commerce
  • Education etc.

450 people in 2009

I-Semantics “Industry Track” with its 3-days programme full of demos is one of the highlights of the congress. With 28 submissions this year´s Triplification Challenge tells a lot about the significance of Linked Data in areas like librarianship, public administration or GIS & environmental planning. Take a look at the 15 nominees – and if you consider to come to I-Semantics 2010 follow the link for registration.