Some videos, mind maps and podcasts about the Social Semantic Web

In 2010 I gave some talks about hot topics around the Social Semantic Web, and some of them were recorded and streamed over the web (two of them are in German, three in English). All of them were exciting events for me. Again, I learned a lot when preparing the presentations and when listening to the other presentators who I met at the following events:

April 2010 – Digitalks #13 Semantic Web
Auf der Suche nach der besseren Suche: Wie semantische Suche und Semantic Web unsere Arbeitsweisen verändert

August 2010 – GLOBArt 2010
Erwartungen an ein ZukunftsWeb

September 2010 – ISKO UK Linked Data
PoolParty: SKOS Thesaurus Management utilizing Linked Data

Audio MP3 and Slides

November 2010 – TEDxVienna
Open or closed? Intranets in the Age of the Internet

December 2010 – European Semantic Technology Conference 2010
The role of SKOS in a Web of Data – some business use cases