Semantic Web – Total Recall

More and more information about the “semantic web” is circulating in the news and in the blogosphere. Especially in february and march a lot of new semantic applications were featured, so it was the first time I´ve got lost a bit when I was scanning (and sometimes reading) all those new posts everyday.

So I went back to Alex Iskold´s great summary on ongoing developements in the semantic web community: “Semantic Web Patterns“.

If you´ve been abroad for the first quarter of 2008 or you just had something to do which was more important than watching the web evolving then go there – and you´ll get the best wrap up for the first three months of 2008.

Alex covers all the highlights there except Zemanta – which brings me to Semantic Web Pattern No. 8:: Smart Assistants for the Desktop (Your desktop might be build on SaaS and mashups in the near future…). Semantic Technologies will help people to forget about things which aren´t important anymore and will help to recall the right information in the right moment.

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