Yet another search interface for wikipedia?

It has always been worth using exalead from time to time to “exalead” (somehow that verb isn´t that popular as “to google”) one´s favourite search phrases (you usually type in when you start your computer in the morning ;-). That´s because exalead finds sometimes really “new” websites for you when you´re a regular google-user. So, until now exalead was rather interesting as an alternative like alcohol-free beer – give it a chance!

Now there is a reason to go to exalead: Try out exalead´s search over wikipedia and you will have a similiar experience as you have with dbpedia.

You´ll be able to refine your search phrase, therefore exalead offers even typed tagclouds (different colors mean different types of associations, like people or places). A nice Web 2.0-like GUI and high performance convinces finally.

One last question: What if dbpedia and exalead would combine their different approaches (dbpedia tripled wikipedia, exalead still remains in the area of automatic text-extraction) to put even more semantics into wikipedia?

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