I-Semantics 2011: Programme of Industry Track

The iPraxis Track of this year’s I-Semantics / I-Know Conference offers a unique forum for enterprise architects, information professionals and all practitioners: A comprehensive overview over real-world applications in the field of semantic technologies will be presented by experienced speakers demonstrating the power of semantic systems!

  • Horst Baumgarten, Roche Diagnostics GmbH (D): A „Super-Glossary“ for Roche
  • Andreas Blumauer, Semantic Web Company (A): Thesaurus based Enterprise Search – Two Show Cases
  • Christian Fillies, SemTalk (D): Linked Data Interface, Semantics and a T-Box Triple Store for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Georg Güntner, Salzburg New Media Lab (A): Linked Media Services: A Linked Data Approach for Enterprise Information Integration
  • Peter Haase, fluid Operations (D): Enterprise Linked Data Applications with the Information Workbench
  • Alexander Oelling, sones (D): Create and Uncover Semantic Relationships
  • Vincenzo Pallotta, InterAnalytics (CH): Interaction Mining: making pragmatic sense of Internet conversations
  • Bernhard Schandl, Gnowsis (A): Refinder: A Semantic Collaborative Productivity Tool
  • Thomas Schandl, Semantic Web Company (A) / Bernhard Schandl, Gnowsis (A) / Stefan Wunder, Neurovation (A): A LASSO for Linked Data – 3 Use Cases to improve personal knowledge management, document management and creativity techniques by leveraging Linked Data

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