5 secrets about me

Peter tagged me a while ago, and now I think it´s time to open my soul:

I thought a bit about some “secrets” I have, and the interesting thing is, obviously there are two kinds of secrets: Already reflected ones and those, which came up to my mind the first time, when I started to think: What secrets do I have actually??

Here are some reflected ones:

1. I am a “Teletext-Junky”. Sometimes, the first thing I´m doing when I´m coming home is, to turn on TV and read Teletext. Maybe it´s because it reminds me a lot of the time when I got socialised in the computer society, since my first computer was an ATARI 400 (never had a Commodore, arrgh**)

2. I love plants – but I kill them. Especially pot plants I have to take care of will die very quickly. I don´t know what I´m doing wrong… please help me.

3. I´ve never seen any episode of Star Wars, but last weekend I bought part 1-3, so finally I´ll be one of yours…

… and some recently reflected secrets …

4. After 9/11 I really had enough for a while of traveling to America (at those days I´ve been in New Orleans), but now I´m really looking forward going to the U.S. again: I´ll join the Semantic Web Strategies Conference in San Jose and I also will drive around a bit in Silicon Valley…

5. I think the Semantic Web will never become true (just joking!).

And now it´s my turn to tag five people: Leo, Sebastian, Chris, Michael, and Georg.

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