One thought on “Video on the semantic social web

  1. The accepted term for this phenomena is sociosemantic web and it’s been examined in considerable technical depth to achieve progress in tag ontologies and data fusion.

    One of the useful insights of sociosemantic web work is that categories are useful only to establish filters while namespaces are useful only to establish limits or governance from a particular point of view. A useful category lists pages that may all be of interest in a particular phase or a process, most typically a learning process. A useful namespace is commenting on the parallel page in the main namespace.

    Categories are thus a subset of tags, but namespaces are orthogonal, because the point of a category is to shape people’s language to a particular taxonomy, but the point of a namespace is to differentiate who or what faction is speaking or asserting. Categories should actually be renamed as “pivot” or “facet” to reflect that they are almost always multiply applied, since each purpose a database has means a different hierarchy of categories.

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